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InfinitE dodos are coming to disrupt the nft space. Along with our nft set, we are releasing utility that will completely set us apart from everyone else.


____InfinitE dodoS will make waves in this new fronteir

We're creating
_____an ecosystem

What we have in the works

These aren't vague promises - these real projects all release in the next month

infinite Wallet
Across 5 Networks

NFT Marketplace THAT

Gaming & Metaverse INTEGRATIONS


In the year 1660, dodos quickly realized humanity was destroying everything on earth. rather than start a war, the dodos grabbed their people and blasted off into space to find a new planet to inhabit... BUT SOME WERE LEFT BEHIND.

30 years later, all dodos were extinct from planet earth. ENRAGED, the dodos planned to wage war on earth.

10,000 Generative dodos living on the blockchain.

Dodos Utility

Infinite Wallet

Introducing Infinite Wallet brought to you by Infinite Labs. Infinite Wallet is a mobile wallet application that revolutionizes the traditional approach to securing and transacting crypto assets.

The wallet excels at effectively switching between offline and online, limiting the amount of time the wallet is exposed to connection, making it in essence hack-resistant. We are also focusing on moving away from complex hash addresses, instead using unique usernames to reduce user error when transacting with the blockchain.

We are currently having some of the best teams on the planet stress-test and pick-apart our wallet to prove that this truly is the most secure way to store your crypto assets.

Hack-Proof Transactional Properties

By utilizing an entirely new way of handling the transacting of crypto-assets, we’ve put robust measures in place to ensure the complete protection of your assets from the moment they are stored in the wallet to the moment they leave and go on their way out into the wild, leaving hackers none the wiser.

Advanced NFT Functionality

Users can seamlessly mint as well as stake their NFT’s and experience their art in our NFT Gallery. You can view NFT’s across various blockchains, all in one centralized place where you can organize them in multitudes of different ways.

No more scams caused by error

Our sole priority is to protect our users, and in that effort we designed this wallet to be fail proof. By hardcoding functionality to allow access the wallet only when offline, we reach an operating state that fully protects the user from any existing malware on their device.

Separates your Main Holdings from Alts

Some of the worst and most malicious hacks occur in the web3 space through contract interactions with alt coins from unverified sources. Our wallet separates your alt coins from your main holdings (Like ETH, Bitcoin, etc) to ensure that your largest investment holdings will always be safe and separated from potential ‘sketchy’ and ‘untrusted’ interactions.

Minting Straight from the wallet’s UI

Our wallet creates a temporary ‘hot wallet’ everytime you mint an NFT so your main holdings cannot get drained if you accidentally interact with a malicious smart contract.

This allows our users to have peace of mind that no matter what error they make, their main holdings are always safe.

Built in Swap into the wallet’s ui itself

Connecting to swaps through the browser can be very inconvenient on mobile, so we’ve allowed users to swap crypto currency straight from the wallet’s user interface.

No external browsers involved.

So... Why Should 
You Hold a Dodo?

Holders will have 0% Transaction Fees

ALL DODO Holders will have 0% Transaction Fees

While holding an Infinite Dodo in your wallet, our system will ensure that you pay 0% transaction fees through the wallet, the marketplace, and when swapping cryptocurrencies.




NFT Marketplace Fees


FEES Through Swap

The _____InfinitE DodoS Roadmap

10K Genesis announced

March 29th, 2022

Owning a genesis Infinite dodo NFT provides perks Including early Access to the Infinite wallet, Exclusive leaderboard Game only available to Holders OF Infinite Dodos

Public Mint Launch

June 18th, 2022

10,000 Dodos will be released into the dodoverse - Public mint

Nest Games Release


Nest games is a leaderboard game that is team based. there will be 4 teams of 2500 each competing against eachother.

Infinite Wallet Beta Release

Early Q2

The world's first "Unhackable Wallet" made by infinite labs.

Staking from wallet

Minting from wallet

Security against phishing

Security against Wallet being compromised

V2 Website developed

ENd of q2

We are launching a website like you've never seen before in the space. 3D interactive, embracing the new wave of "web3"

Infinite Wallet V2 Release

End of Q2

Release of version 2 of the unhackable wallet. We will reward $1M during our infinite Dodo Hackathon stress-testing our wallet to any hacker who can compromise our proprietary technology.

NFT Marketplace

Q3 - Q4

We are releasing a full-fledged nft marketplace that works in tandem with the wallet, all in one cohesive interface. Manage your offers, trade your nfts, and interact with the marketplace straight from the wallet.

Infinite Dodo Verse

Early Q3

Release of our virtual world in VR Chat. Holders will be given VRChat avatars based on their Infinite Dodo NFT's

Merch Store Launch + Collabs

Early Q4

We are already in the works of collaborating with various brands to launch a merch store exclusive to our NFT holders.

A real team, building real world products.

We are building utility for the future world ↓

World's First Unhackable Wallet

Staking from wallet

Minting from wallet

Security against phishing

Security against Wallet being compromised

Gaming, & metaverse integration

VR Chat 3D Avatar Release

Future Metaverse Avatars

Nest Games - Community building game you can compete in factions

Cross Compatible Usability with dodo partnered games & metaverses

Under wraps: Something big coming later







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